Tiny Massage Gun That Works – RecoverFun Mini Only $74

RecoverFun sent us this new tiny massage gun called the RecoverFun Mini. We’ve already reviewed their larger massage gun, but we were excited about this one due to it’s size! It’s crazy how small this massage gun is compared to my phone!

► Purchase RecoverFun Mini https://recoverfun.com/discount/C5BYMINI


It is extremely small. Compact but ergonomic design, only 0.5kg (1.1lb). It is convenient to pack it for any occasion, which is a muscle treatment tool at your fingertips. It would totally fit in any backpack, purse, or probably even a fanny pack. It comes with a drawstring carry bag, which takes up much less space than the hard cases of most massage guns. All the attachments and the USB-C charging cable fit in the bag.


This cute little thing even comes in 3 different color options: black, red, and pink! The power button is on the bottom which was convenient.


Brush-less motor with Silent-Force Technology did not disappoint! I was driving my kids to practice and using it in the front seat as I drove and they couldn’t hear it! I tested it at 45-55 decibels.

Battery Life

5 Hours Battery Life per 1.5H Charging. Grasp any USB port, Power Bank, Laptop, Car charger, recharge, and refresh anytime anywhere. I charged it with my laptop.


There are 4 speeds to generate 1800- 3200 percussions per minute, to meet the different needs, and each scientifically calibrated to deliver greater therapeutic benefits for the body.


Recoverfun mini is equipped with four massage heads for your full body all-round care.
– Metal-tipped flat head
– Fork
– Bullet
– Ball



Product name: RecoverFun Mini Massage Gun
In Box: massage gun, 4 massage heads, USB-C Cable, Travel Bag, User Manual
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Rated input: Type-c, 5V -2A
Power: 30W
Rated speed: 1800, 2400, 2800, 3200RPM
Net weight:0.5kg or 1.1lbs
Size: 140*90*45mm
Warranty: 12 months

Who do I think this is for? Maybe not for power-lifting athletes that have big, deep muscles to attack, but it is a great option for most everyone else. After using it for a month, I decided to use it for my daily carry! If I do have a deep muscle need, I switch and use my big favorite – Sportneer.

► Purchase RecoverFun Mini https://recoverfun.com/discount/C5BYMINI

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Here’s my unboxing – I was shocked!

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